Looking for SuperSU for Samsung GALAXY S DUOS (GT-S7562i, this post could help you out. Here you can find and download the package for free without any hassle. So let us begin.supersu for Samsung GALAXY S DUOS (GT-S7562i

What is SuperSU:

SuperSU is an app for Android that has been made by chainfire, who is a leading developer and has designed the root SuperSU package for the latest of android versions. He had rooted the Android Lollipop, which was thought as unrootable within minutes. But let us return to the purpose of this section, that what really is SuperSU? Well it is an app that lets you manage root permissions and alot them to the root apps that require the root access from the device. Now not only this, here you can download the SuperSU for your Samsung GALAXY S DUOS (GT-S7562i. As you have now come to know that what really SuperSU is.

Why do you need and Benefits of SuperSU for Samsung GALAXY S DUOS (GT-S7562i:

The SuperSU package let’s you manage the root permissions and also root the Samsung GALAXY S DUOS (GT-S7562i. All you need to do is flash the zip SuperSU for Samsung GALAXY S DUOS (GT-S7562i through a recovery or also you could do that by ROM manager app, that can sure be downloaded from the Play Store. Now flashing the SuperSU has many benefits, and you know of them basically.. Like it will give you the root access and also manage root permissions on the Samsung GALAXY S DUOS (GT-S7562i. It is the easiest and the most safest method to get the things done. So let us begin, and download SuperSU for Samsung GALAXY S DUOS (GT-S7562i and see how to flash it on your computer by step by step instructions.

Pre Requisites:

Before we begin there are some things that you need to get in place before you can begin.

  •  Make sure that you have a custom recovery installed on your Samsung GALAXY S DUOS (GT-S7562i.
  • Charge the device properly, as we do not want it to interrupt in the middle of the flashing procedure.
  • Though flash in the zip SuperSU on Samsung GALAXY S DUOS (GT-S7562i won’t wipe any data on the device but still it is better to be on the safer side and make a proper backup before you begin.
  • Download the package from the download section below.
  • Also check whether Unknown Sources are checked on, by going into the settings menu.


So download the SuperSU for Samsung GALAXY S DUOS (GT-S7562i, which is a zipped package. Note: do not extract the package and as it transfers it to the root storage of the device. Also before you can hit the download button, you would have to unlock it, which can be done by performing any of the tasks given below.

How to Flash SuperSU for Samsung GALAXY S DUOS (GT-S7562i:

So here are the step by step instructions that you need to follow so as to install and flash the SuperSU on your Samsung GALAXY S DUOS (GT-S7562i. So let’s begin.

  •  Transfer the zip SuperSU package to the root storage of the device.
  • Boot the phone into the recovery mode, which can be done by the done by pressing a number of keys on the device.
  • It differed from device to device, so you can Google it for you device and boot it into the recovery mode.
  • Now after that you have entered the recovery mode, it may be TWRP OR CWM, in this tutorial we will show you how to do it on the CWM, while it is almost the same for TWRP as well.
  • Now click on “install zip from SD card” option.
  • 1
  • Then navigate to the place where you have placed the file in the root storage and choose it.
  • 2
  • Confirm and flash the file on the device.
  • After the flash process is completed the recovery will notify.
  • Then wipe cache and reboot the device. That’s it.
  • When you reboot, you will find the supersu installed in the app drawer of Samsung GALAXY S DUOS (GT-S7562i.
  • Super su screenshot for Samsung GALAXY S DUOS (GT-S7562i
  • The Last Step is to make sure that you are no more rooted. So Just Download Root Checker Pro App and Install. It is pretty easy to use. Just open and Verify Root

So this was all that you needed to do for SuperSU for Samsung GALAXY S DUOS (GT-S7562i. In case the download links do not work or you face any errors you could always contact our team and we would try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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